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Purchasing real estate property in Greece

When you undertake Investment on real estate properties in Greece

  • We advice you on all the necessary actions to find a suitable property and the steps needed to legally register your acquisition with the legal channels.
  • We undertake issuing you with a TIN from the tax authorities and we help you open a bank account for the sale and purchase of the property.
  • We help you issue all the certifications needed by law in order to draft a purchase and/or sale of a contract.
  • We get you in touch with a registered solicitor to check and draft the official contract.
  • Via our affiliated solicitors we undertake the collection of the certificates from the Mortgage Registry, Cadastral Offices and Notaries.
  • We advice you and help you renew your Golden Visa every 5 years

We also help you with the following aspects of your investment

  • We recommend the appropriate legal and accounting services
  • We can arrange to rent and generally manage your investment in GR

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